Getting it Done

Get 'er Done

Hi All! I’m loving this current round of Collabor88 – i’m a sucker for anything businesslike, so seeing that their theme was “back to business”, I prepared myself to spend spend spend! Remarkably though, I managed to contain myself to just the outfit you see here (And the amazing office cubicle from Intrigue, which I have set-up for my other half!) I ended up buying a skirt and 2 shirts from Fishy Strawberry – i’ve been a fan of them since I started in SL, and their textures are to die for – also check out these sexy heels from Hucci! I have to say, I really admire these stores that are legitimately selling things for $88L, as was the intention of the event when it first started – It’s now the case that most of the goods on offer are retailing for $288, $488 etc – personally I am still happy to purchase these items as they’re still heavily discounted, and gorgeous original pieces, but it’s refreshing that well respected stores like Hucci, Fishy Strawberry and Ison continue to offer $88L items, they’re well-appreciated shopping gems!

Nikki is Wearing:
Shirt : Fishy Strawberry “Tokyo Office Shirt” @ C88
Skirt : Fishy Strawberry “Frankfurt Pencil Skirt” @ C88
Shoes : Hucci “Riverton Sandal” (for Slink High Feet) @ C88
Hair : Truth “Lolita” @ C88

Pose by Demise of Flight for the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair (on now!)
All other Avatar Credits see Sidebar Menu  The Look

It’s the simple things….


Ah life – it’s been hectic! I’m relishing some SL time now that I have a few days off, and i’ve been a busy girl creating for Demise of Flight. I was taking a quick promo shot for an upcoming new release (the bandeau top) and liked the pic so much I thought i’d post it on this here blog o’mine. No list of credit’s as clothes are from my store – Hair is “Where we Belong” by Exile, and the pose is by Gliterati. Happy weekend everyone <3

Out with the old…

Out with the old

Can you believe christmas has been and gone and 2013 is almost at an end? I had a beautiful Christmas surrounded by my loved ones and getting spoiled, and hope you all did too. Alas it’s over, and new years is about to descend – I still haven’t decided what plans i’m making for New Years, but one things certain, a little black dress always works! Here’s my SL version.

Dress : Compulsion “Chanise”
Shoes : Slink “Gabrielle” Heels (compatible with the Slink AvEnhance High Feet
Hair :  Chemistry “Luna”
Earrings : PaperDoll “Flight”
Poses : From the Glitterati “Lingerie” set – only on MP.
Feet and Hands by Slink; Skin by League; Shape my own.

A Crackling Fire

A Crackling Fire

Dear Baby Jesus – please make it cold!!!!

I live in a sub-tropical climate where I am in Australia and its horridly hot at the time of year, this year especially! What I wouldn’t give for it to be icy and snowing and to be curled up by a fire! I’ve once had a white christmas in New Zealand – I was 12, and it snowed on Christmas Day (in the middle of summer – go figure), and my brothers and I were determined to ride our new bikes regardless, up and down the gravel driveway freezing our asses off. Cold, miserable, and magic! I may never see a White Christmas again, but at least SL lets me pretend.

Jumper (Sweater for Americans) : Maitreya “Athena Sweater”
Pants : Mon Tissu “Bloomsbury Trousers”
Shoes : CandyDoll “Lovella” flats
Hair :  Chemistry “Harlie”
Bracelet : Noodles “Fairy Tale” (previous Arcade item)
Pose : Label Motion; Pic taken at Image Essentials in the “Winter Magic” Skybox
Feet and Hands by Slink; Skin by League; Shape my own.

We Will Rise…

We Will Rise

Long Time, No post – which is an all too familiar story with me! I’ve had a bit of a hiatus from SL in general – from blogging, my store, even logging in, i’ve been awol for about 6months now due to RL being so busy (red : not BAD, just Busy). I have missed blogging and i’m looking forward to resurrecting this side of things! So without further adieu….. CLOTHES!

It seems another SL-creator had a hiatus about as long as mine – i’m referring to the incredibly talented Zoey from PaperDoll. I’ve been a loyal customer of PaperDoll since they first came along, so I was excited to get a group notice advising they’re back, and kicking back off with a bang, doing a 24days to Christmas countdown, featuring a new group gift every day! The sexy dress i’m wearing is the Prize from Day One – perfect for any festive party! It’s clothing layers for the majority with a mesh skirt part, which I haven’t seen done alot on the grid but I think PaperDoll have it down to a fine art – I love their dresses in this style because the fit is always flawless. Hurry to PaperDoll and join their group (it’s only $200L – bargain) to start collecting your Christmas goodies!

Dress  : Paper Doll “Cocktail Hour” free group gift
Heels : Steffen Garcia “Eleganza” (only on MP)
Hair :  Exile “Party Girl”
Necklace : Sweet Leonard “First Spring Greetings” (old hunt gift)
Bracelet : Noodles “Fairy Tale” (previous Arcade item)
Pose : Demise of Flight from the “Whatever” pose set.
Feet and Hands by Slink; Skin by League; Shape my own.

Intriguing Questions Meme

Berry’s done it again and created a fun Meme for bloggers (check out for the gorgeous Ms Singh’s blog) – I suppose the point of these is to get to know people better, which isn’t much a stretch for me as i’m an open book, but they’re fun to do so keep me blogging more regularly. Onya Berry! (That’s an Aussie term of endearment).


1. How do you deal with critiscism?
It’s totally dependant on where it’s coming from. If it’s at work, I see it as constructive, implement the change and go on with my work (not that I get much criticism at work – YAY ). If it’s from my partner (RL and SL) I tend to go into hysterical tears and hyperventilate and yell and stomp off and slam a door, and then half an hour later meekly walk up and tap him on the shoulder and give him a “sorry i’m a psycho bitch sometimes” hug. If it’s from anyone in SL, I tend to do the verbal equivalent of flipping them the middle finger, as everyone’s entitled to do SL their way. I’ll always take ideas graciously for things I create and sell, but whingers tend to get muted.

2. What’s the most infuriating thing other SL residents do?
Wow – this would be a long list…. I’ll go with my top 3 :P Firstly, E-thugs and a sense of entitlement in SL are my biggest peeve – those people that act like bullies or thugs or “cool kids that tease people” when really they’re just a nerd behind their computer just like me. The fact that I consider myself to be a significant and generally nice person in RL means that I don’t seek my self-validation in SL. The 2nd is photomorphs. The 3rd is facelights. Stop. Just stop.

3. Which SL Resident would you most like to have lunch with and why?
I’d have to choose one of my close girlfriends that I share my real and virtual worlds with and would love to sit and laugh over a glass of wine with in the real world – Kay Weston, KJ Demarazi and Katey Coppola are some of the funniest women in the world and wine and food with them would be marvellous. (I don’t need to mention the fabulous Eleni as I get to go to a drunken BBQ with her this friday WHOO!)

4. Who would you say is your “anti” role model? Someone who serves as a warning rather than an inspiration?
Oh wow – I won’t name names but they’ll know who they are. Women (and men I suppose) who sit behind a computer threatening people’s real lives because they clearly don’t have one of their own. You all know the type – they’re on SL 20hrs a day, they fall asleep on voice, they miss RL events for “SL Meetings” and the like, they try to cut short their family commitments and microwave food for their kids so they can attempt to raise them from behind a computer. They threaten you if you don’t play your SL the way they expect you to, and honestly it’s just kind of sad. I truly hope the people like that I once knew graduate from their addiction and find a happy reality but in the meantime I just give them a wide berth.

5. What was something you used to enjoy, but was ruined for you?
To a degree – Second Life – Im very cynical and where I used to adopt noobs and help them learn SL I now don’t have the patience because I don’t want to enable people to become addicted. I still love SL but I have a healthy respect for it’s ability to make sane people crazy :P

6. What’s something you want to do what you’d be embarrassed to tell other people about?
I honestly can’t think of anything because I’m very seldom embarrassed. OH I GOT ONE – I want to definately wash my hair today because I totally put it off too long and dry shampoo just ain’t the same – It’s so cold and my hair is so long I’m putting it off but kinda can’t go any longer without looking like a hippy.

7. What’s the oddest term of endearment you’ve ever used or that someone’s used for you?
Well… Chris started it but I now call him a Fat Slut. (He’s not fat, and to the best of my knowledge not a slut) but he told someone I’m a mean bitch who calls him that, so now I do :P As for Chris…. well – here’s a screencap from my Iphone :

8. Have you ever fallen in love with another SL resident?
Yes – we’ve now lived together in the real world for almost 2yrs.

9. Describe a time/event in your slife that you’re nostalgic for
Probably the same as Berry’s answer, when it was all new and fun and exciting – now very little surprises me. That said, I’ve evolved as has my attitudes towards SL and the possibilities of creating are what keep me intrigued.

10. What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you?
In RL i’m campaigning for the boyf to take me to a movie (with me being a shift-worker we don’t get many chances for the traditional “Date!”. In SL – geez, the very occasional compliment or thank’s I get from someone brightens my day – I won’t hold my breath but now and then it happens and makes me smile :)

Credits for Main Pic :
Shirt : Baiastice “Iman Top” @ The Boutique
Skirt : Baiastice “Lima” Skirt and Belt @ The Boutique
Heels : [Gos] “Lauren d’Orsay Heels” exclusive colour collection @ The Boutique
Hair : Lamb “Temptation” @ The Hair Fair

Handgun (Animates avi on attaching) is part of the “Handgun Baby” set by Demise of Flight, available at Room 69; Pic taken at The City.